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Paver Blocks


Small flat blocks known as paver blocks are used to construct walls, pillars, and pavements. These blocks come in a range of hues, dimensions, and designs. Paver blocks are typically porous blocks constructed by mixing different ratios of cement, sand, and small pieces of stone, among other materials. Due to their attractiveness, durability, and low maintenance requirements, they are really one of the most often used materials for external pavement applications.


SRPPL Hallow Blocks

Considering that both structures are composed of concrete and are often reinforced with steel. The numerous mortared joints cause hollow blocks to not be as sturdy and resilient in the actual world, though. These joints aren’t as sturdy as the concrete itself.


  • Color:Red,Yellow,Black Grey
  • Material : Concrete
  • Thickness(millimetre): 60
  • Size :165 x 103 mm
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